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Go team!

Today's Lesson
TEAM(WORK)    チーム(ワーク)


  • A team is a group of people who work together to achieve something.

    Teamwork refers to the combined actions of an effective team.
  • team とは、何かを達成するために一緒に働く人の集まり、つまり、チームのことです。

    teamwork は、有能なチームの協同的な行動、つまり、チームワークのことです。



  1. As the most senior member of the team, I expect you to show more leadership.
  2. Our team of professional auto glass technicians is ready to serve you.
  3. The camaraderie and morale of our sales team has never been better.
  4. (after Ron's team wins a large contract)
    TEAM MEMBER: Congratulations! You did it!
    RON: You mean WE did it. This was a real team effort.
  5. This two-day seminar will provide your staff with world-class training in communication and teamwork.
  6. It's going to take real teamwork and determination to get this business off the ground in this economy.

英会話レッスンNow that was a real WordMaster team effort!