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2005.03.22(Review of 2004.01.05 edition)

Warm spring greetings to you! Thus, the magical season begins! We thought it would be appropriate at this time of new beginnings to talk about the birth and development of new businesses and new ideas! So let's get started!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム


  • If a business, plan, etc. gets off the ground, it gets started.

    We can also change the subject of the sentence and say that someone, for example, “gets a business off the ground”.
  • business、plan などを主語にして get off the ground と言うと、仕事や計画などが順調にスタートする、という意味になります。

    主語を人などにかえて、get a business off the ground(仕事をスタートさせる)などという言い方もできます。


  1. I first suggested this project back in 2001, and only now is it finally getting off the ground. I really hope it'll be a success in the end.
  2. For lack of investors, Bill's idea for a new telecommunications company never got off the ground.
  3. Charles wanted to start a fish farming business, but he needed $3 million just to get it off the ground.
  4. Don't you think it's a little early for you to think about marriage? Why don't you work on getting your career off the ground first?

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