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2009.11.30 (Review of 2007.03.26 edition)

Hello, and thank you for coming to help us welcome in the holiday season! Yes, it's that crazy time of year again, when we try to fit into a single month twice as much work and three times as much socializing as we normally do.

And it's the social side of December that inspires this week's theme. So let the holidays begin!

Today's Lesson


  • A person's or group's morale is their level of cheerfulness, confidence, or willingness to work.
  • morale とは、人や集団が持つ気力や自信、仕事に対する意欲の度合い、つまり、士気、のことです。



  1. (one co-worker to another, while putting up a Christmas tree)
    Decorating the office for the holidays sure is good for morale, isn't it?
  2. Employee morale has been low since 30% of the workforce had to be laid off.
  3. Unless we deal with the morale problems at the factory, production will continue to suffer.
  4. Problems with office politics, sexual harassment, or discrimination can seriously damage the morale of any organization.
  5. Soaring sales and unexpectedly large winter bonuses have really helped boost (= improve) morale.