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Nice to see you again! We continue to flesh out the meaning of “work ethic” with this important addition to the series!

Today's Lesson
DETERMINED   決心している、決然とした


  • If you are determined, you've decided to do something and will not give up until you succeed.

    The noun form is determination.
  • determined は、何かをしようと決心していて、成功するまであきらめない、という意味です。

    名詞形は determination で、決心、という意味です。



  1. He's certainly a very determined young man. He's sure to succeed at whatever he puts his mind to.
  2. Jennifer is determined to prove to everyone that she's capable of filling her predecessor's shoes.
  3. The new plant manager is determined not to let productivity fall any further.
  4. (salesperson)
    I am determined that nothing will keep me from meeting my quota this quarter.
  5. With enough motivation and determination, no goal is too high.
  6. Her determination to work harder than anyone else has won her a lot of respect among her staff.

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