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2011.08.31  (Review of 2008.07.29 edition)

Think you've found an exciting new job that offers the chance to make big money and meet glamorous people? Well, before you report for your first day of work, you may want to read this document. And take a good look at the fine print!

Today's Lesson


  • A job description is an official written document that explains the duties, responsibilities, working conditions, etc., of a particular job.
  • job description とは、ある仕事の職務内容や責任、労働条件などが記された公式の書類、つまり、職務明細書のことです。



  1. (manager to HR)
    a: My assistant just handed me her two-week notice, and I'll need to find a replacement as soon as possible.
    b: I understand. Send us a job description for the opening, and we'll start the hiring process immediately.
  2. (supervisor to young female employee)
    a: Shelly, would you mind making us some coffee?
    b: I'm sorry, Mr. Henderson, but that isn't in my job description. (= I wasn't hired to make coffee.)
  3. (career counselor to university student)
    Why don't you start by looking through this folder? It has sample job descriptions for hundreds of different positions.

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