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Welcome to the Thursday edition of Berlitz WordMaster@Work! There's just one more task that needs to be taken care of before we bring this week to a close ...

Today's Lesson


  • Your duties are the tasks that you are supposed to do as part of your job.

    Be Careful! We usually don't use the singular form (“duty”) to talk about a single task of this kind. Instead, we would use an expression such as “one of my duties.”
  • duties とは、自分の仕事の一部としてしなければならない任務、つまり、職務のことです。

    注意:1つの職務について言う場合でも、通常は単数形( duty )を使いません。代わりに one of my duties のような言い方をします。



  1. (during a job interview)
    If hired, your duties would include processing savings and checking accounts as well as loan payments.
  2. (another job interview)
    Your job will be to assist the office manager by performing administrative duties such as filing, data entry, and scheduling appointments.
  3. a: Is making tea supposed to be one of your duties?
    b: Well, it's not actually in my job description, but I don't mind doing it.
  4. Management duties take up most of my time these days, so I don't get out into the field as much as I'd like.
  5. I've had to take on (= begin doing) extra teaching duties to fill in for a teacher away on extended sick leave.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back on Monday with more fresh picks from the business English lexicon! Enjoy the long weekend!