SKILL SETの意味、(持っている)知識や技能

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Today's Lesson
SKILL SET   (持っている)知識や技能


  • Your skill set is all those things that you know how to do, have experience doing, have training in, etc.
  • skill set とは、やり方を知っていること、経験があること、訓練を受けていることなどの、すべてをさします。



  1. This job requires the following skill set: office administration, payroll/bookkeeping spreadsheets, travel arrangements ...
  2. What are you doing in this dead-end job anyway? Someone with your skill set should be wearing a suit at headquarters.
  3. (want ad in industry journal)
    Professional with unique skill set looking for full-time position in IT industry.
  4. Rie brings an impressive skill set to the position of general counsel.

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