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Is there any better time of the year? There's a reason why they call it Golden Week, right? Well, while the Japanese populace was preparing to take to the roads, rails, and air to spend some well-deserved leisure time, the WordMaster was hard@Work preparing this week's series on travel. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • Arrangements are plans or something you do in order to prepare for something in the future.
  • arrangements とは、計画、または、今後のために準備すること、つまり、準備、手配のことです。



  1. a: Did you apply for that job in California?
    b: Yes, and they've already made arrangements to fly me in for an interview.
  2. (coordinating an international conference)
    I'll be meeting with a travel agent this afternoon to discuss travel arrangements for the foreign speakers.
  3. a: I just called the caterer. They said they're full up on the day of the office party.
    b: Well, we'll just have to make other arrangements.
  4. We don't usually do layaways, but we can sometimes make special arrangements for repeat customers.

英会話レッスンIt's going to be a golden week!