(NATURAL) RESOURCEの意味、資産、(天然)資源

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Welcome back, and happy Fourth of July!

Robin Hood made a name for himself by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. These days, it seems the richest of the rich have been saving Robin and his Merry Men the trouble by doing the giving themselves. We dedicate this week's WordMasters to those lending a helping hand to countries in need!

Today's Lesson
(NATURAL) RESOURCE   資産、(天然)資源


  • A resource is something that a country, organization, or person has available to use when needed; for example, money, equipment, facilities, and employees.

    Natural resources are raw materials found in nature - for example, oil, minerals, forests, farmland, and fresh water - as well as fish and wildlife.
  • resource とは、例えばお金や設備、施設、従業員など、国や組織、個人が所有し、必要なときに使えるもの、つまり、資産や資源のことです。

    natural resources は、自然界にある原料(例えば石油や鉱物、森林、農地、淡水など)や、魚類や野生生物、つまり、天然資源のことです。



  1. We simply don't have the resources to handle customer service ourselves, so we've had to outsource.
  2. I've always believed that our greatest resource is our employees.
  3. To go into business for yourself requires initiative and often considerable financial resources.
  4. Once the railroad is completed, the country plans to accelerate development of its mineral resources.
  5. Despite Japan's limited natural resources, it became one of the world's great industrial powers.

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