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2009.08.21(Review of 2007.02.21 edition)

Not all business operations should necessarily be handled in-house; it can often be cheaper and more efficient to give some of the work to outside contractors. But as wise as such a decision might seem, that doesn't mean your employees have to like it.

Today's Lesson


  • To outsource is to contract with an outside supplier for goods or services rather than obtaining them from within your own organization.
  • outsource とは、商品やサービスを、自分の組織内で調達するのではなく、外部の供給者と契約をする、つまり、外注する、という意味です。



  1. (during a management meeting)
    It might make more sense for us to outsource during peak months rather than ask our employees to work so much overtime.
  2. Many firms choose to outsource non-core business functions, such as IT and call center support.
  3. (two employees on their lunch hour)
    a: What are you looking in the want ads for?
    b: I heard a rumor that my job is going to be outsourced. I want to be ready if it happens.

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