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2011.03.02(Review of 2008.01.30 edition)

Many of the most challenging and lucrative careers out there are kind of like exclusive clubs. No one gets in without permission from the official gatekeepers. And believe us when we tell you that it's never just a matter of saying “please”!

Today's Lesson
PRACTICE (law)   (弁護士として)開業する、(専門的職業の)業務


  • To practice (verb) - for example, to practice law or to practice as a doctor - is to work as a professional.

    A practice (noun) is the business of a doctor, lawyer, or other professional.
  • 動詞の practice には、専門的職業として働く、という意味があります。例えば、practice law(弁護士を開業する)、practice as a doctor(医者をしている)のように用います。

    名詞の practice には、医者、弁護士などの専門的職業の業務、という意味もあります。



  1. Most U.S. states require a person to take a test known as the “bar exam” in order to obtain a license to practice law.
  2. My father has been practicing as a civil engineer for twenty years.
  3. I'd like to have my own architectural practice someday.
  4. The constant threat of lawsuits makes the practice of medicine in the United States extremely risky without adequate insurance.
  5. I left the firm in 1983 to go into private practice.
  6. Owing to the strength of her reputation, she was able to sell her law practice for nearly $3 million.

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