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2010.05.13 (Review of 2007.06.20 edition)

Let there be no mistake, there's nothing “frivolous” about today's edition!

Today's Lesson
SUE / LAWSUIT   訴える/訴訟


  • To sue someone is to ask a court of law to order someone to pay you money or do something else for you because they have harmed you in some way.

    A legal action of this kind is called a suit or lawsuit.
  • sue とは、誰かが何らかの形で自分を害したので、裁判所に要請して、自分に対して金銭の支払い、または、何か他のことをするよう、その人に命じてもらう、つまり、訴える、という意味です。

    このような法的行為のことを、suit または lawsuit と言います。



  1. (fictional news report)
    Two men, who were forcibly removed from a plane last week because of suspicious behavior, are threatening to sue the airline.
  2. (owner of a restaurant chain)
    A waitress at our 4th Street store spilled hot coffee on a customer. Now the customer is suing for damages.
  3. The safari operator is being sued for negligence by three tourists who claim that the elephant attack could have been prevented.
  4. During this month alone, 324 patients have brought suit against physicians in the state. With so many medical malpractice suits, it's no wonder insurance rates for doctors have gotten so high.
  5. They've filed a lawsuit against a rival company for copyright violation. They're suing the company for $700,000.

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