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2006.06.15(Review of 2003.10.14 edition)

Today's edition deserves your full attention!

Today's Lesson
FOCUS   焦点を合わせる


  • To focus on something (a task, problem, subject, etc.) is to keep your attention, effort, etc. directed at it.

    The thing that is focused on is the focus (noun) of attention, effort, etc.
  • focus とは、仕事、問題、何らかの対象物などに、注意や努力を向ける、という意味です。

    名詞の focus とは、注意や努力の対象となるもの、つまり、焦点のことです。


  1. I think we need to focus less on advertising and more on customer retention.
  2. Okay team, in today's meeting I'd like to focus on how we can generate more media interest in our new product line.
  3. I usually have better results when I focus my attention completely on the customer's needs, instead of worrying about “making the sale”.
  4. Many automobile manufactures have begun shifting their focus away from gas-guzzling, high-performance vehicles to more fuel-efficient models.
  5. The main focus of interest at this year's regional flower exhibition was a spectacular display of bioengineered roses of every color in the rainbow.

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