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A pen pal is someone you establish a friendship with by exchanging letters. But in this age of electronic communication, shouldn't we coin an alternative expression - something like “keyboard comrade”?

Today's Lesson


  • To correspond with someone is to communicate with them in writing (= by letter, e-mail, etc.), especially over a period of time.

    Correspondence (uncountable noun) is the act of corresponding, or the letters, e-mails, etc., that you write and receive.
  • correspond は、特に一定期間にわたって(手紙やメールなどの)書面で誰かと連絡を取る、つまり、文通する、という意味です。

    correspondence (数えられない名詞)は、文通すること、また、やりとりする手紙やメールなどをさします。



  1. I've been corresponding by e-mail with my counterpart in Sapporo about the matter.
  2. We've been corresponding for years. I've probably received over 100 letters from her by now.
  3. He teaches a business correspondence course at the technical college.
  4. I've been away from the office for a while and am behind in my correspondence.

英会話レッスンLook for us in the mail again tomorrow!