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Hello there! Thank you for joining us as we greet the harvest month of September. There's so much to look forward to - a bumper crop of sweet, ripe business vocabulary just waiting to be picked!

Today's Lesson
PROTOTYPE   原型、試作品


  • A prototype is the first model or example of a new product, machine, etc., that is copied for manufacture or used for later development.
  • prototype とは、新しい製品や機械などの、最初に作られる型や見本のことで、生産の際に原型となるものや、後の開発のために使われるもの、つまり、原型や試作品のことです。



  1. We've been exhibiting our Dreamcatcher at the Berlitz Expo. It's the prototype of a digital device for recording high quality images of people's dreams while they sleep.
  2. They're developing a prototype for a new electric car that can be fully recharged in the time it takes to fill your gas tank.
  3. While I was in graduate school, I worked as an intern at an engineering firm, helping design a working prototype for a diesel jet engine.

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