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Welcome back! How was your holiday?

We've only got two days with you this week, but we're planning to make a real event of them - literally. Here's our theme!

Today's Lesson
TRADE SHOW   見本市、展示会


  • A trade show is an event at which a large number of companies in a particular industry show their products and services.

    Such an event can also be called a trade fair or expo.
  • trade show とは、ある特定の業界の多くの企業が自社の製品やサービスを展示するイベント、つまり、見本市、展示会のことです。

    このようなイベントは、 trade fairexpo と言うこともできます。



  1. I hope you're planning to attend next month's trade show. It's a great chance to network with other people in the industry.
  2. (food producer)
    Have we registered for the Slow Food trade fair yet? I think the deadline is coming up soon.
  3. They're organizing the first annual Garden Supply Expo to be held next April at the state fair grounds.

英会話レッスンBy the way, tomorrow's @Work Challenge has been preempted by day 2 of the trade show. Join us again then!