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2005.07.07(Review of 2005.01.12 edition)

Hi! Today we'll explore a neat option for people who want to develop their skills on the job, but who may not be qualified for a full-fledged position just yet.

Today's Lesson
INTERN   研修生、実習生


  • An intern (n.) is a student or recent graduate who works as a trainee in order to gain practical experience in a profession.

    An internship is a position as an intern, or the period of time during which a person works as an intern.

    To intern (v.) is to work as an intern.
  • 名詞の intern は、職場での実地訓練を受ける目的で、見習いとして働く、学生や新卒の人のことです。

    internship は、intern の身分、または、intern として働く期間のことをさします。

    動詞の intern は、intern として働く、という意味です。


  1. Student interns often work part-time, sometimes for free.
  2. Have you seen the new interns? They're all so eager. I love the energy they bring into the office.
  3. STUDENT #1: Where are you interning this summer?
    STUDENT #2: I've applied for an internship at a non-profit environmental organization.

英会話レッスンThat's all for today! See you next time!