ASSEMBLY LINEの意味、(流れ作業の)組立ライン

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2008.06.17(Review of 2005.09.27 edition)

A symbol of mass production, economies of scale, and unstoppable forward progress towards greater material comfort and wealth, today's WordMaster topic has a lot under its belt!

Today's Lesson
ASSEMBLY LINE   (流れ作業の)組立ライン


  • An assembly line is a series of workers or machines (each at a “station” or “work station”) used to put together a product. Different jobs are performed on the product as it moves from station to station.
  • assembly line とは、労働者や機械が、station あるいは work station と呼ばれる場所で、製品を組み立てていく生産方式、つまり、組立ラインのことです。ある場所から次の場所へ移動するのに従って、製品に異なる作業が施されていきます。



  1. My first job was working on an assembly line. I attached dials to transistor radios.
  2. By mass-producing cars on an assembly line, Henry Ford made them affordable for ordinary people.
  3. The assembly-line workers were standing at their stations, ready to begin the workday.
  4. Assembly-line robots do many of the jobs people used to do.
  5. We don't sell any assembly-line furniture at our store. Everything is handcrafted by master artisans.

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