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2010.05.07(Review of 2005.10.27 edition)

It would be difficult indeed to plan for the future without considering finances, and today's edition is a big part of that process.

Today's Lesson
BUDGET   予算、予算を立てる


  • A budget (noun) is a plan for how much money to spend and how to use it.

    A budget (noun) is also the money that's available to use for a particular purpose.

    To budget (verb) an amount of money is to decide to use it for a particular purpose.
  • 名詞の budget は、どれくらいの資金をどのように使うかという計画、つまり、予算のことです。

    また、名詞の budget は、特定の目的のために使うことができる金額、つまり、予算額をさすこともあります。

    動詞の budget は、特定の目的のために一定の金額を使うことを決める、つまり、予算を立てるという意味です。



  1. The company has just finished making next year's budget. I hear they've decided to increase spending for research and development by 30%.
  2. They operate on an annual budget of $150,000.
  3. Our department has always managed to stay within budget.
  4. So far, the budget cuts haven't resulted in any layoffs.
  5. The movie's advertising budget is huge. They've budgeted over $20 million for domestic promotion alone.

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