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2006.05.29(Review of 2004.08.25 edition)


The WordMaster team strongly believes in the power of English as a way to get ahead in business. Now, if you've got ambition and believe that the only direction worth moving in is up, then have we got a week for you! This week we ride the elevator to success.

Going up!

Today's Lesson


  • An entry-level position is a position of low rank in an organization, suitable for someone who is new to a field or just starting a career.

    A mid-level position is a position of middle rank in an organization.

    A senior-level or senior position is a position of high rank in an organization.
  • entry level は、組織における一番下の地位のことで、ある分野の未経験者や新入社員にふさわしいとされます。

    mid-level とは、組織における中ぐらいの地位をさします。

    senior-level あるいは senior とは、組織における高い地位をさします。


  1. (interviewer to an applicant)
    I really feel that you're overqualified for an entry-level job.
  2. With your experience, it should be easy to find a mid-level or senior position somewhere.
  3. Dana has really done well for herself. She's only 27, and already she's been promoted to a senior-level position in the company.
  4. He's a senior manager earning a six-figure salary.

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