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2006.01.25(Review of 2003.09.05 edition)

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Today we look at “The Big Three Cs” of many large corporations!

Today's Lesson


  • The CEO (chief executive officer) is the highest-ranking (= top) executive in a company or organization. He reports directly to the board of directors and is responsible for the overall day-to-day operation of the company or organization.

    The CFO (chief financial officer) is the senior manager responsible for the financial activities of a company or organization.

    The CTO (chief technical [OR technology] officer) is the senior manager responsible for a company's or organization's technology strategy. At some companies, the “technology” concerned is the company's research and development activities. At others, it's the company's information technology systems.
  • CEO (chief executive officer) とは、企業や組織で最上位にある役員のことです。直接、取締役会の決定に従う立場にあり、企業・組織の日々の経営、運営全般に関する責任を負います。

    CFO (chief financial officer) とは、企業・組織の財務活動の責任を負う上級役員のことです。

    CTO (chief technical officer または、chief technology officer) とは、企業・組織の技術計画の責任を負う上級役員という意味です。ここでいう technology とは、ある企業では、研究・開発活動のことですが、他の企業では、その会社のITシステムをさします。


  1. After years of operating in the red, the company has hired a new CEO to try to make the business profitable again.
  2. She's the highest-paid CEO in the country. I hear she makes over $100 million a year!
  3. As CFO, Mr. Anderson has come up with some brilliant strategies to reduce the company's tax burden.
  4. The new CTO met with Sally Jones, our CEO, to discuss upgrading our aging computer network.

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