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2006.07.07(Review of 2003.11.05 edition)

You've made it to Friday, and you're five expressions smarter than when we began on Monday! Now, let's make it an even half dozen!

Today's Lesson
DOWNSIZE   人員削減する、規模を縮小する


  • To downsize is to reduce the size of an organization and reduce costs by laying off employees.
  • downsize は、従業員を解雇することによって、企業の規模を縮小したり、経費を削減したりする、という意味です。


  1. The company's decision to downsize was met with shock and dismay among the affected departments.
  2. They were forced to downsize one quarter of their staff in order to avoid bankruptcy.
  3. Another 200 workers were downsized as jobs continue to be moved overseas.
  4. Everyone in Media Relations was laid off as part of company downsizing.

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