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2011.11.08 (Review of 2008.09.11 edition)

When we have a job, it's all too easy to take it for granted. Well, here's one of the best reasons to try to mend our ways!

Today's Lesson


  • If someone is unemployed, they are able to work but do not have a job.

    Unemployment is the state of being unemployed. It is also the number or percentage of people who are unemployed.
  • unemployed は、働くことができるにもかかわらず、仕事に就いていない、という意味です。

    unemployment は、失業している状態のことです。また、失業者の数や割合をさすこともあります。



  1. There are a lot of unemployed dancers and musicians who refuse to give up their dreams.
  2. I've been unemployed for six months now. I sure hope I can find work soon.
  3. I was told that unemployment benefits will cover up to half of my lost wages.
  4. (insurance agent)
    I'm sorry, but as a self-employed person, you're not able to take out unemployment insurance on yourself.
  5. Ten years ago the unemployment rate in that country was only 3%, but it has been rising ever since.
  6. Blessed with a steadily rising GDP, low unemployment, and almost zero inflation, the country has been enjoying a period of great economic prosperity.

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