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2011.11.07 (Review of 2009.05.11 edition)

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We're devoting most of this week to words that describe a person's work status: whether someone has a job or not, whether they've stopped working entirely or are just easing into that transition, etc. But we're also counting down to a VERY special edition - and day - at the end of the week. So be sure to stay with us for all the excitement!

Today's Lesson
EMPLOYED   雇用された


  • To employ someone is to pay them to work for you.

    To be employed is to have a job that you're paid to do.

    Employment can refer to a paid job, the state of being employed, or the number or percentage of people who are employed.

    To be employable is to have skills that make it possible for you to be employed.
  • employ とは、人にお金を払い、自分の下で働いてもらう、つまり、雇う、という意味です。

    employed は、お金をもらってする仕事がある、つまり、雇われている、という意味です。

    employment は、賃金が支払われる仕事、雇用されている状態、雇用者の数や割合をさします。

    employable は、雇用されるような能力を持っている、つまり、雇用できる、働ける、という意味です。



  1. Berlitz Auto employs 150,000 workers around the world.
  2. He's been employed at the firm for 15 years.
  3. I used to be employed as a nanny, until the family I worked for moved away.
  4. Before the bank can approve you for a loan, they'll need to look at your employment history. They want to make sure that you've been steadily employed.
  5. Now that you've graduated, I assume you'll be looking for full-time paid employment.
  6. Employment levels in the city are at an all-time high.
  7. It's important to keep adding to your skill set if you want to remain employable.
  8. He was laid off last week, but I'm sure he'll find something else soon; he's very employable.

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