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Every weekend is cause for celebration, and that becomes even truer as the days grow warmer and longer. But before you start your June carousing, how about one last WordMaster for the road?

Today's Lesson
REPATRIATE   本国へ送還する、送り返す、送金する


  • To repatriate someone is to return them to their own country.

    To repatriate money that you earned or invested in a foreign country is to send or take it back to your own country.
  • 人について repatriate と言うと、その人を本国へ返す、という意味になります。

    外国で稼いだお金や投資したお金について repatriate と言うと、そのお金を本国へ送ったり、持ち帰ったりする、という意味になります。



  1. He was caught doing low-wage construction jobs without a work permit and was repatriated last week.
  2. Embassies are racing to repatriate foreign nationals before the fighting escalates (= gets worse).
  3. I finished a three-year stint abroad recently, but I've been waiting to repatriate most of the money I earned until the exchange rate improves.

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