(make a) TOASTの意味、乾杯(する)

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QUESTION: How do you make a French toast?

(HINT: Don't break out the eggs and milk.)

Today's Lesson
(make a) TOAST   乾杯(する)


  • A toast (noun) is an act of holding your glass in the air and making a short speech or saying something such as "Cheers!" before taking a drink together with other people.

    The verb form is also toast.
  • toast (名詞)とは、他の人と一緒にお酒などを飲む前に、グラスを持ち上げ、短いスピーチをしたり、「乾杯!」などと言ったりすること、つまり、祝杯や乾杯のことです。

    動詞形も toast で、乾杯をする、という意味です。

(make a) TOAST


  1. A close associate of mine just asked me to make a toast at his wedding reception. What's usually said at those things?
  2. We drank a toast to our husbands and wives for their incredible patience and love during the strike.
  3. I'd like to propose a toast, to the nicest guy I've ever had the privilege of working with.
  4. (at a formal dinner with international clients)
    Let's toast the New Year. To the year 2012! May it bring both our countries continued peace and prosperity.
  5. We toasted the new director with champagne.

英会話レッスンANSWER: Say "À votre santé!" (= “To your health!” in French)