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2007.08.07(Review of 2004.09.03 edition)

Hello again!

In the modern-day workplace, where frequent changing of jobs has become a common strategy for career success, here's a word you can't do without!

Today's Lesson
STINT   勤務期間


  • A stint is a length of time spent doing a particular job.
  • stint は、ある仕事をして過ごしていた期間、つまり、勤務期間のことです。



  1. (interviewer to job applicant)
    I see from your resume that you did a stint at Berlitz Securities for a couple of years.
  2. (an American employee now working in New York)
    I learned an awful lot about the differences between Japanese and American corporate culture during my stint at the Tokyo office.
  3. Al served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales after a stint as Director of Investor Relations.
  4. After finishing a three-year stint in the accounting department, I was ready for something completely different.

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