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2011.06.01  (Review of 2007.04.25 edition)

Would it surprise you to learn that the word “hire” can be used as a noun?

Today's Lesson
(FOREIGN/LOCAL) HIRE   外国採用の社員/現地採用の社員


  • A hire (noun) is someone who is given a job (= is hired).

    A foreign hire is someone who, at the time they are hired, lives outside the country they'll be working in.

    A local hire is someone who, at the time they are hired, lives in the area or country they'll be working in.
  • hire とは、仕事を与えられた人、つまり、被雇用者のことです。

    foreign hire

    local hire とは、雇用されたときに住んでいた地域(場合によっては国)で働くことになる人、つまり、現地採用の社員のことです。



  1. After long negotiation, the union agreed to a settlement that protected wages and benefits for existing employees, but offered less generous terms to new hires.
  2. The international school pays all overseas moving expenses for foreign hires.
  3. (someone in HR)
    We already have five expats working for us. I'd like to fill this position with a local hire if possible.
  4. The new law would require businesses to give priority to local hires in order to keep money in the community.

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