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2010.01.26 (Review of 2006.8.22 edition)

Whether you're happiest close to home or suffer from chronic wanderlust, today's edition is sure to please!

Today's Lesson


  • Something is domestic if it only involves a single country - especially your own - or is produced, sold, or exists within your own country.

    Something is international if it involves two or more countries.
  • domestic とは、1つの国(特に自分の国)だけに関わる、あるいは、何かが自国内でのみ生産、販売されている、もしくは存在している、つまり、国内の、国産の、という意味です。

    international とは、2つ以上の国に関わる、つまり、国際的な、という意味です。



  1. (sales representative from Canada)
    The domestic market has been shrinking lately, but trade with Asia is red hot (= extremely active).
  2. (liquor store owner in the United States)
    People are buying more domestic wine than they used to, especially California wines.
  3. I think Japan's domestic beef producers make some of the highest quality beef in the world.
  4. The domestic economy, not foreign policy issues, was the deciding factor in this year's elections.
  5. Berlitz Airlines has started operating international flights between Los Angeles and Seoul, in addition to opening several new domestic routes.
  6. The government has been trying to keep exchange rates under control in order to encourage international trade.
  7. Fluency in English is a necessary skill for working in a lot of international companies.

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