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2005.08.31(Review of 2004.06.22 edition)

When you have access to this business, the price is sure to be right!

Today's Lesson


  • A wholesaler is a business that buys large amounts of a product and resells them for a profit, mainly to retailers (= shops and other businesses who sell directly to consumers).
  • wholesaler は、大量の製品を購入し、利益を得るために、主に小売業者に転売する業者のことです。


  1. Depending on the product, shops can usually buy from the wholesaler for about 35-50% of the price they charge shop customers.
  2. They've become one of the most successful beer wholesalers in the business, selling to over 2000 supermarkets, liquor stores, and convenience stores around the country.
  3. With Internet shopping, it's now often possible for individual consumers to buy directly from the wholesaler.
  4. (vice-president of sales at a furniture manufacturer)
    We've signed an agreement with a Dutch wholesaler to be our distributor in Europe.
  5. (owner of a chain of steak houses in the United States)
    Our main beef supplier is a Canadian wholesaler with whom we've been working for 15 years now.

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