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2011.02.17(Review of 2008.01.18 edition)

Why take a chance on people flipping past your glossy magazine ad or making that trip to the bathroom during your million-dollar TV commercial, when you can hone in on your target audience at bargain prices with the smart bomb of marketing?

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  • Telemarketing is the advertising or selling of a product by calling potential customers on the phone.

    A cold call is a phone call or in-person visit to a potential customer without an appointment in order to try to sell something.

    The verb form is cold-call.
  • telemarketing とは、顧客となる可能性のある人に電話をかけて、商品を売り込んだり、販売したりすることをさします。

    cold call は、何かを売ろうとして、顧客となる可能性のある人に電話をかけたり、予約なしで直接訪問したりすることです。

    動詞形は cold-call です。



  1. Since we started outsourcing our telemarketing operations, our sales have increased 30%. They've got a first-rate sales team working the phones.
  2. I keep getting e-mails about home-based telemarketing jobs that pay as much as $50/hour. Do you think they're legit (= not scams)?
  3. (to a new sales rep)
    Everyone gets a little nervous before making their first cold call. You'll do fine.
  4. I was cold-called three times during dinner last night. I'm afraid I wasn't very polite to the last caller.

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