CAREER MOVEの意味、転職、キャリア戦略

@Work 2010.11.22 (Review of 2007.08.06 edition)
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Since you subscribe to WordMaster@Work, we'll assume that your job is important to you and that you probably thought carefully before accepting your current position. There are, after all, few decisions that affect a person's quality of life more than the choice of what to do for a living. So let's spend a few days during this week of Labor Thanksgiving considering some of those things worth considering when choosing a job. It's sure to be time well spent!
Today's Lesson

CAREER MOVE   転職、キャリア戦略


A career move is a job change or any action that may influence your professional progress, either positively or negatively.
career move とは、仕事を変えること、または、キャリアの向上に良くも悪くも影響を及ぼす可能性がある、あらゆる行動のことです。


1 It hasn't even been a year since you started this job. Isn't it too soon to make another career move?
a:  I've been hearing rumors about possible layoffs.
b:  Sounds to me like it's time to start planning your next career move.
3 I'm not sure that getting a Ph.D. is the right career move for you at this point. A lot of employers may hesitate to hire you, thinking that you're overqualified.
4 (an irate actress to her soon-to-be former agent)
What on earth makes you think that my appearing in a TV commercial dressed as a zucchini would be a good career move?!
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