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2010.09.13(Review of 2007.11.01 edition)

Welcome back!

This week we've crafted a theme that's a perfect match for all our hardworking readers. Perhaps you remember the expression “work ethic” from a set we did about three years ago? Well, that's the core idea that holds this week together.

We'll be giving this series our absolute best effort, and we hope you'll join us for every drop of blood, sweat, and tears!

Today's Lesson


  • A work ethic is a belief that work and doing a good job are valuable and morally good in themselves, regardless of the income, promotions, etc., that are earned as a result.
  • work ethic とは、仕事の結果、得られる収入・昇進などに関係なく、仕事やよい働きをすること自体に価値があり、道徳的に正しいという信条、つまり、労働倫理のことです。



  1. (from a letter of recommendation)
    Jason has a strong work ethic and a high level of commitment to his job.
  2. Creativity and a good work ethic are key aspects of our corporate culture.
  3. I was impressed by the work ethic of your staff, as well as by their unusual productivity and morale.

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