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2007.10.29(Review of 2004.09.13 edition)

Happy Monday!

This coming Saturday, Japan will be celebrating Culture Day with concerts, theater performances, exhibitions of traditional handicrafts, and many other similar events. But “culture” is a lot more than just the arts. Take this week's theme, for example: “The Culture of the Workplace”!

Today's Lesson


  • The corporate culture of a company includes the company's philosophy, traditions, views on acceptable behavior, etc.
  • corporate culture とは、ある企業の理念、伝統、容認される行動に対する見解、などをさします。



  1. a: How did your job interview go?
    b: It went well, but I probably won't take the job, even if it's offered to me. I don't think I'd be comfortable there - the corporate culture is a lot more conservative than I thought.
  2. The best advice I can give new employees is to respect the corporate culture of your new company. Do as those around you are doing, at least in the beginning.
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to community service - qualities possessed by the company's founder - have become firmly entrenched in the corporate culture.

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