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2005.06.17(Review of 2004.08.24 edition)

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Today's Lesson


  • Commitment is a characteristic of someone who is willing to do what is necessary for the good of another person, an organization, an idea, etc.
  • commitment は、自分以外の誰かのため、組織のため、または何かしらの概念のためなどに、何でも必要なことを進んでやる、という献身的な態度、気持ちのことです。


  1. Providing competitive salaries and generous benefits will encourage commitment among employees.
  2. (supervisor to direct report)
    a: The results of your performance review were excellent. I'm very happy with your level of commitment to the firm.
    b: Thank you. I always try to do my best.
  3. Naoko has always demonstrated a strong commitment to the company. She's paid her dues and certainly deserves this promotion.

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