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2006.08.07(Review of 2004.04.16 edition)

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This week we bring you a set of expressions to use when commenting on the abilities or past performance of a person or organization. By week's end, we hope you'll have some nice things to say about this set - like this, for example...

Today's Lesson
OUTSTANDING   未解決の、未処理の


  • Usually, something is outstanding if it is excellent or clearly better than others of the same kind.

    If something is outstanding, it can also mean that necessary action hasn't been taken yet. For example, a problem is outstanding if it hasn't been solved yet, a request is outstanding if it hasn't been handled yet, and a debt or loan is outstanding if it hasn't been paid back yet.
  • たいてい、outstanding と言うと、すばらしい、ほかの似たようなものよりも明らかにすぐれている、という意味で使われます。

    ビジネスでoutstanding と言うと、必要な行動が、まだとられていない、という意味で使います。例えば、a problem is outstanding は、問題が未解決である、a request is outstanding なら、要求が通っていない、また、a debt or loan is outstanding と言うと、借金やローンが未払いになっている、という意味になります。


  1. Theresa does outstanding work. She's one of our most valuable employees.
  2. We've had to postpone the release of the software, since there are still several major problems outstanding.
  3. Do you really think it's wise to acquire a company with over $2 million in outstanding debt?
  4. (a financial counselor examining a client's portfolio)
    Let's see ... You have stocks and bonds worth in excess of $350,000, nearly $200,000 in equity in your home, and no loans outstanding. I'd say you're in excellent financial shape.

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