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2006.07.19(Review of 2003.12.16 edition)

A fixed salary has its advantages, but some people prefer the open-ended nature of today's form of compensation. After all, the sky is the limit when you work on ...

Today's Lesson


  • A commission is money (often a percentage of the selling price) given to a salesperson, real estate agent, stockbroker, or other agent when they sell something.

    Such a system of payment is also called commission.
  • commission とは、例えば、営業担当者や不動産業者、株式仲買人、その他の代理人が、何かを販売した場合に(通常、販売価格の何パーセントという形で)与えられる金銭のことです。

    このような賃金体系、つまり、歩合制のことも commission と呼ばれます。


  1. Our salespeople get a 10% commission on each car they sell.
  2. We had to pay the real estate agent a $7,000 commission when we sold the house.
  3. Active traders can reduce commission costs by using discount brokers to execute their stock trades.
  4. a: Do you get a fixed salary?
    b: No. I work on commission.

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