JUNIOR、MIDDLE、SENIOR (MANAGER)の意味、下級、中級(中間)、上級(管理職)

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2010.04.13 (Review of 2006.08.28 edition)

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JUNIOR/MIDDLE/SENIOR (MANAGER)   下級/中級(中間)/上級(管理職)


  • A junior manager is a manager of low rank; for example, a young person in his or her first management position.

    A middle manager is a manager of intermediate (= middle) rank; for example, someone who supervises a group of junior managers and prepares reports for senior managers.

    A senior manager is a manager of high rank; for example, someone in charge of managing the day-to-day operations of a division.
  • junior manager とは、下級管理職のことで、例えば、初めて管理職についた若い人をさします。

    middle manager とは、中間管理職のことで、例えば、何人かいる下級管理職( junior manager )を監督し、上級管理職( senior manager )への報告をまとめる人をさします。

    senior manager とは、上級管理職のことで、例えば、ある部門の日常業務の管理責任者をさします。



  1. Sharon was promoted to junior manager just a year after starting in an entry-level position. Now, just five years later, she's vice president of Asian operations.
  2. As a middle manager, I do a lot less hands-on management than when I was a junior manager.
  3. The corporation plans to review the compensation given to senior managers, as some of the shareholders feel that salaries for top executives have become excessive.
  4. Our senior managers are appointed by the board, to whom they also report.

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