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2009.01.26(Review of 2006.07.18 edition)

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There are many reasons for choosing a career. Sometimes our careers even seem to choose us! But regardless of what else you expect from a job, if you can't make a living at it, it won't last long. So let's look at the bottom line on which any sustainable career decision needs to be based!

Today's Lesson
COMPENSATION   (労働などに対する)支払い、報酬


  • In business, compensation is the salary, wages, or other payment given to someone for work they have done.
  • 職場環境において compensation と言うと、働いたことに対して与えられる給料、賃金、その他の支払いをさします。



  1. Compensation for full-time faculty at this university is well above the national average.
  2. About 15% of my annual compensation comes in the form of bonuses.
  3. (applicant at a job interview)
    What kind of compensation could I expect for an entry-level position?
  4. (advertisement for a real estate agent)
    I guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with my services or I'll waive (= will not ask for) my compensation.
  5. We've been able to attract first-rate workers by offering one of the best compensation and benefits packages in the industry.

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