MALE、FEMALE (employees)の意味、男性、女性(従業員)

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MALE / FEMALE (employees)   男性/女性(従業員)


  • Someone is male (adjective) or a male (noun) if they are a boy or a man.

    Someone is female (adjective) or a female (noun) if they are a girl or a woman.
  • male (形容詞、名詞)は、男の子や男の人、つまり男性であることを意味します。

    female (形容詞、名詞)は、女の子や女の人、つまり女性であることを意味します。

MALE / FEMALE (employees)


  1. Many women in this country hesitate to speak out in front of their male colleagues.
  2. Construction has always been a male-dominated industry.
  3. The company hired more female employees than males last year.
  4. (talking about a marketing campaign)
    We're targeting female college students and young businesswomen in their twenties.
  5. (classified ad)
    WANTED - Outgoing enthusiastic females who are good with people to represent new office supplies firm at international business expo.

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