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2007.04.03(Review of 2004.10.27 edition)

Here's a word that's used in business, politics, and war - each a competitive battleground, where you must always be on the offensive to survive!

Today's Lesson
CAMPAIGN   キャンペーン


  • A campaign is a coordinated series of actions designed to achieve a specific goal.
  • campaign は、ある目標を達成するために行う組織的な活動のことです。


  1. We're pleased that the company's new advertising campaign is such a big hit. Using the world skateboarding champion as product spokesman was a great idea!
  2. Our fall campaign will be an ambitious effort to significantly raise brand awareness among 20- to 30-year-olds.
  3. The health club's “Shape Up!” campaign was quite successful. Inquiries about membership increased by 25%.
  4. The campaign for governor is nearing its close, with election day just three days away.
  5. The wine industry is gearing up (= getting ready) for an all-out campaign against the planned alcohol tax increase.

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