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2010.01.28(Review of 2006.08.23 edition)

From plodding camels carrying their burdens along the Silk Road to today's high-tech freighters criss-crossing the oceans, there have always been fortunes to be made and adventures to be had through international trade!

Today's Lesson
IMPORT / EXPORT   輸入する・輸入品/輸出する・輸出品


  • To import a foreign product is to bring it into your own country for sale.

    Such a product is called an import.

    To export a product is to send it to another country for sale.

    Such a product is called an export.
  • import とは、販売目的で、外国製品を自国に持ち込む、つまり、輸入する、という意味です。

    輸入品のことも import と言います。

    export とは、販売目的で、自国の製品をほかの国に送る、つまり、輸出する、という意味です。

    輸出品のことも export と言います。



  1. The company imports tropical hardwood furniture from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil.
  2. I buy my olive oil at Berlitz Imports. They carry premium imported foods from around the world.
  3. Japan relies on imports for most of its energy needs.
  4. (a Kenyan coffee grower)
    We have only a small share of the domestic market. We export most of our coffee beans.
  5. Our products are exported to over 50 countries.
  6. The region's agricultural exports grew by 5% last year.

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