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2005.05.19(Review of 2003.10.09 edition)


Business, profits, and the like are often seen as a kind of pie, and as is true for any really good pie, there always seems to be someone scrambling for the biggest piece. Think of today's WordMaster@Work as the size of your company's piece of the pie!

Today's Lesson


  • Market share is the percentage of total industry sales a company or brand controls in a particular market.
  • market share は、ある特定の市場において、ある企業やブランドの売り上げが、業界全体の売上高に対して占める割合のことです。


  1. Currently our “Tasty Helpers” brand instant cake mixes have a 17% market share.
  2. Cutting prices can increase market share, but involves the risk of decreased profits.
  3. Smart marketing can help a company take market share from its competitors.
  4. Which manufacturer commands the biggest market share in Japanese domestic car sales?
  5. Over a three-year period, this company's market share for canned fruit dropped 12%. But after launching an aggressive advertising campaign, we gained back about 10% of our market share.

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