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2007.11.26(Review of 2006.01.16 edition)

Hello! It's good to see you! We've got a terrific week ahead, in which we'll be reviewing a fun set of (mostly) idioms that concern an aspect of corporate culture people always seem to be talking about. In fact, today's topic is the week's theme!

Today's Lesson


  • Office politics are the relationships and activities among employees in an office that affect who has power or some other advantage in the office.
  • office politics とは、誰が社内で権力を有し、優位な立場であるのかを左右する従業員同士の関係や行動、つまり、社内のかけひき、のことです。



  1. Office politics have been damaging the morale of the team lately.
  2. I try hard not to get involved in office politics. I just try to do my job well and get along with everyone.
  3. (a veteran employee to a new employee)
    The sooner you learn the rules of office politics at this company, the better off you'll be.
  4. I got tired of the negative office politics at my last job. Things are so much better at the office I work at now.

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