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2009.09.04(Review of 2007.06.29 edition)

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Today's Lesson
INSPECT   検査する、調査する


  • To inspect something is to look at it carefully in order to make sure it's suitable, to check for problems, etc.

    An inspection is an act of inspecting something.

    An inspector is someone whose job is to inspect something.
  • inspect とは、何かが適切な状態であることを確認したり、問題点を調べたりするために、注意深く調べる、つまり、検査する、調査する、という意味です。

    inspection は、何かを検査、調査することです。

    inspector は、何かを検査、調査することを仕事にしている人、つまり、検査官、調査官のことです。



  1. We've had three engineers inspect the proposed location for the waste treatment plant, and they all agree that it's suitable.
  2. Our quality assurance people make a close inspection of each vehicle before it's shipped out to the dealer.
  3. The elevator will be down (= won't be running) while they do a routine safety inspection on it.
  4. The health inspector is coming tomorrow to conduct an inspection of the restaurant, so I want everything clean and neat before he arrives.
  5. We'll begin construction of the new wing just as soon as the plans have been approved by the building inspector.
  6. The government tax inspector found nothing unusual while auditing the firm's books.

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