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2009.09.01(Review of 2007.06.26 edition)

They say that the three most important factors in choosing property are location, location, and ... location. Sounds like the word is worth a few minutes of your time, doesn't it?

Today's Lesson
LOCATION   場所、位置


  • To locate a business, facility, etc., somewhere is to start, build, or put it there.

    To BE located somewhere is to be there.

    A location is a particular place or position.
  • locate とは、会社や施設などをある場所に設立する、建設する、設置する、という意味です。

    be located somewhere と言うと、ある場所にある、という意味になります。

    location は、特定の場所や位置のことです。



  1. The country's favorable business climate makes it a great place to locate our new regional headquarters.
  2. a: Where's your office located?
    b: Downtown, across from Helena Park.
  3. The city council has been busy discussing the location of the new sports stadium.
  4. It's a drugstore chain with seven locations throughout the city.
  5. With all the students in the area, this would be a terrific location for a coffee shop.

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