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2008.06.03(Review of 2006.02.14 edition)

Here's a WordMaster edition to blow the cobwebs off the dullest of days!

Today's Lesson
ROUTINE   決まりきった行動、お決まりの


  • A routine (noun) is a set of activities that you do regularly, and the order and way that you do them.

    Something is routine (adjective) if it is done regularly as a normal part of a job or other situation.
  • 名詞の routine は、定期的に行う一連の行為や、それを行う手順・方法のことです。

    routine を形容詞として用いた場合は、あることが、通常の業務の一環として、あるいは、そのほかの状況において定期的に行われる、という意味です。



  1. My routine in the morning includes checking my e-mail, reading the business news, and making a pot of coffee before the other employees arrive.
  2. Since I started making exercise a part of my daily routine, I have so much more energy for life.
  3. I like to take care of routine work - like filing, data entry, and correspondence - first. Then I have the rest of the day to focus on more important matters.
  4. A number of safety violations were discovered during a routine inspection of the construction site.

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