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2009.08.06(Review of 2005.10.20 edition)

Working hard? Well, once again it's time to put down your pen, wrench, or plow and take a few minutes to relax as we introduce you to another important business-English expression!

Today's Lesson


  • A blue-collar job is one that involves mostly manual labor or industrial work, such as in a factory. People who have such jobs are called blue-collar workers.
    A white-collar job is work that is done in an office, involving little manual labor. People who have such jobs are called white-collar workers.
  • blue-collar job とは、工場での仕事のような、肉体労働や産業労働を主とする仕事のことです。そのような仕事に従事する人のことを blue-collar と言います。
    white-collar job とは、オフィスの中でする、ほとんど肉体労働がない仕事のことです。そのような仕事に従事する人のことを white-collar と言います。



  1. My father had a blue-collar job for 35 years. He worked hard and was proud of his skill and experience.
  2. What's the job forecast for blue-collar workers in the next few years?
  3. This has always been a blue-collar town. The mines and factories provide over 10,000 jobs.
  4. My son wants to move to the city, wear a suit, and work at a white-collar job.
  5. a: Tell me about your father.
    b: He's a typical white-collar worker. He has a nine-to-five job at a financial services company in Otemachi.

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