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2005.10.25(Review of 2004.08.11 edition)

Greetings! We've been looking forward to seeing you again. And speaking of looking forward ...

Today's Lesson
FORECAST   予測する、予測


  • To forecast something is to say what you think will happen in the future.

    A forecast is a statement about what you think will happen in the future.
  • 動詞の forecast は、将来の見通しを述べる、つまり、予測するという意味です。

    名詞の forecast は、将来の見通し、つまり、予測のことです。


  1. It's impossible to forecast business trends with 100% accuracy, just as it's impossible to perfectly forecast the weather. You'll always be wrong some of the time.
  2. Analysts are forecasting 15% growth in the industry in 2006. Our forecast, however, only predicts an 8% rise in sales.
  3. The report forecasts 14,000 new jobs in the prefecture within the next five years.
  4. We've revised our profit forecast to reflect the increase in oil prices.
  5. The long-term economic forecast looks hopeful.

英会話レッスンFor you, we hope that sunny skies are always in the forecast!