MANUAL LABORの意味、肉体労働(者)

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2009.08.04(Review of 2005.10.18 edition)

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and use your body as it was meant to be used, then we've got just the job for you!

Today's Lesson
MANUAL LABOR   肉体労働(者)


  • Manual labor is work that requires mainly physical effort, or the people who do such work.
  • manual labor とは、主に体力を要する仕事や、そのような仕事をする人、つまり、肉体労働(者)のことです。



  1. (interviewer to applicant)
    The job will involve some manual labor. Are you able to lift 15 kilograms?
  2. I really enjoy doing manual labor once in a while. I get tired of working at a desk all day.
  3. In countries where the supply of unskilled manual labor is greater than the demand, workers often seek employment abroad.

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